No One Can Find The Dog Hiding In This Bedroom

The owner almost went crazy trying to find her dog in the room but it turned out he was just very sly and carefully hidden! She posted a photo with her pet so that other users could try to find him.

Хозяйка 10 минут искала пса в комнате - а вы сможете его найти?

“When we first got Rhodey, we had a dog trainer say he was one of the most stubborn beagles you could have,” Bethanne, who asked that her last name not be included, told The Dodo. “So often you will call him and he will only come to you if it pleases him — likely food will need to be involved.”
An American woman named Bettany is the owner of two adorable beagles. One of them, Rhodey, has been a stubborn boy from day one.
One evening, Bettany and her husband were getting ready for bed and noticed that Rhodey was missing. After searching the house, they started sounding the alarm, since the pet usually slept in the living room at that time.

“Sometimes he likes to sneak to the downstairs bathroom/laundry room area where we keep his and his sister’s dog food and try to find pieces that fell on the ground,” Bethanne said. “He is super sneaky, and you won’t even hear him go down the steps if he doesn’t want you to hear him.”

Хозяйка 10 минут искала пса в комнате - а вы сможете его найти?

А вы сможете отыскать Роуди на этой фотографии?

“It was only when I stopped and stared that I saw the snoot,” Bethanne said. “When I found him I just laughed. He’s such a funny dog and pulls strange acts sometimes, but that’s part of his charm.”
It wasn’t until they went upstairs to the bedroom and happened to look closely that Bettany suddenly saw the pet! As it turns out, Rowdy is often hiding in various places around the house and making her owners a little nervous. But despite this, the owners love their handsome boy with all their hearts!

А вот и он!


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