Baby Monitor Catches Sweet Dog Checking On His Little Sister Every Night

A dog named Berkley lives happily with her owners and their 2-year-old daughter, Elaine. As soon as she joined the family, her mom worried that Berkley’s irrepressible energy would be too much for the baby.

Камеры в детской засняли заботливую собаку-нянюHowever, the two immediately fell in love, and Berkley’s parental instincts kicked in. He turned out to be very gentle, sensitive and caring to the baby girl.

Камеры в детской засняли заботливую собаку-няню

When Elaine was about 8 months old, her parents installed several baby cameras around the house to keep an eye on their daughter and make sure she was doing well. But they soon discovered – they weren’t the only ones who wanted to be aware of it.

“I used to have very far boundaries for him with her, since he’s so big,” Miller told The Dodo. “But the only thing that would make her happy was him being in the room. So once we gave him the OK to be around her … [we] realized how gentle he really is.”

Watching the surveillance tapes, the parents discovered that the caring Berkley stops by Elaine’s bedside every night. He goes over to her bedside and sniffs her to make sure she’s okay.

“We caught him the second we got the cameras,” Miller said. “It was like he knew he had a job to do and it was to watch out for her. He’s never gone in to do anything crazy,just checks in and turns around and leaves, so I know it’s his duty to do as part of the family.”

Камеры в детской засняли заботливую собаку-няню

Камеры в детской засняли заботливую собаку-няню

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