Dog Brings Mom An Injured Bird And Then Waits To Make Sure She’s OK

Seeing the unfortunate bird hit the glass and fall to the ground, the worried dog immediately came running to sniff it out and inform the owner.

Взволнованный пес принес хозяйке раненую птицу The owners took Charlie, a pit bull, from a shelter two years ago. He had always been sweet, friendly, and compassionate, and a recent event proved that once again. Charlie was sitting in the yard and saw a bird suddenly crash into the window of the house.
The bird fell to the ground, and Charlie immediately ran to it. He saw that the bird was not moving and obviously needed help so the dog took it very carefully in his teeth, brought it to his owner, and put the bird in her lap.

Взволнованный пес принес хозяйке раненую птицу

Взволнованный пес принес хозяйке раненую птицу While his owner was examining the bird, Charlie couldn’t contain his excitement. He watched the poor bird and waited for it to come to its senses. Finally, the bird woke up and began to chirp and Charlie was incredibly happy about it!
When Charlie’s owner was sure the bird was all right, she let it back into the yard. They watched with Charlie as the bird flew up, unharmed and very grateful to its four-legged rescuer!

Спасибо заботливому Чарли за спасение маленькой жизни!

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