Well-Meaning Mom Decides To Try Cutting Dog’s Hair Herself

The owner decided to cut her pet’s hair at home for the first time, but she never expected such a result. She laughed until she cried when she saw her dog’s new hairstyle!

Хозяйка сделала собаке уморительную стрижку
Susana, who lives in the United States, wanted to give her Yorkshire terrier, Mano, his first home haircut. She used to take her pet to a groomer regularly, but lack of time made her decide to try it herself – especially since she thought it would be easy.

“Hair was getting in his eyes,” Soares told The Dodo.”I decided to cut his hair at home.”

Хозяйка сделала собаке уморительную стрижку
The hair had grown so much that it was growing into Mano’s eyes and her owner could not bear to look at it. She took the scissors and cut her pet’s little bangs and could not contain her laughter when she saw the result.

Вот в такого красавца превратился Мано:

Хозяйка сделала собаке уморительную стрижку
“I just fell on the floor laughing,” says the owner. Suzana didn’t think an ordinary haircut could look so funny, but she saw that the pet even liked it.

Хозяйка сделала собаке уморительную стрижку
It is true that after sleep, Mano’s disheveled bangs don’t look good, but that doesn’t bother him at all. And the main thing is that the pet is happy! Although Mano is not too worried about the fact that his haircut looks funny, the owner has sworn off any more pet grooming.

“I will not be repeating that!” she said.

Сузана и ее красавец Мано

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