Sweet Rescue Dog Helps His Brother Overcome An Unusual Phobia

Remy and Clark are two dogs rescued from a shelter who live with their owner, Jessica Grider, in the United States. The two have been inseparable since the first days they met, despite their differences in personality.

Пес помог своему лучшему другу побороть необычную фобиюClark is outgoing and active, while Remy is just the opposite. He is shy, fearful, emotional, and worries about anything. The family recently moved into a new home, which has added even more stress to Remy’s life.
Remy developed a strange phobia in his new home. He was catastrophically afraid of going from one room to another.

“He is just anxious and timid in most situations,” Grider told The Dodo. “He wears a thunder jacket a good amount of the time to help him calm down.”

Пес помог своему лучшему другу побороть необычную фобию

“The floors look the same, but one is actually slicker than the other,” Grider said. “The transition between the two made him nervous.”

But Remy’s best friend helped him overcome his fear. Seeing his fear, Clark decided to show his friend that it was perfectly safe in front of him, he ran back and forth several times, inviting him to play, as if to say, “Look, it’s okay.”

Пес помог своему лучшему другу побороть необычную фобию

Thanks to Clark’s help, timid Remy eventually overcame his fear soon he was walking calmly from one room to another and became more confident. How important it is to have someone who can support and help you in difficult moments. For Remy that friend was Clark!

“It was very heartwarming!” Grider said. “Remy has now conquered his fear of the doorway, thanks to Clark’s help.”

Благодаря помощи Кларка, пугливый Реми со временем преодолел свой страх

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